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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

February 9, 2014 - Weston Ski Track with Zumix

 On Sunday Feb 9th, we met at the Zumix on a bright sunny day to load up the van and drive just about a half hour west of Boston to the Weston Ski Track, located on the Leo J. Martin Golf Course . ICO volunteers Hayat, Stephanie, and Ben met up with Mike from Zumix and 6 kids. This was the first trip for 3 ICO volunteers including myself. We held the opening circle outside in the sun, and everyone named their favorite winter time activity.

The ski track was quite busy with a huge race, but we were able to rent our boots and skis easily enough. Putting on the skis was a daunting challenge at first because only one person had ever cross country skied before. But we started skiing before we knew and all exhibited some quick learning on the skis. Thankfully it wasn't too hard, and everyone had a good attitude. Laughing at yourself when you fall down really helps you get right back up and keep trying. Some of the kids and volunteers raced on ahead, while others took their time and enjoyed the beautiful scenery. Since there were so many people there, we had the option of skiing inside already worn tracks, or making our own on the groomed terrain. The fresh snow from a few days earlier made it a soft and welcoming track. There were also a couple moderate hills on the course, which were quite difficult to get up, but so fun to ride down!

After a lunch of cold cuts and PB&J sandwiches at the lodge, we went around the table and everyone discussed their favorite part of the day along with the conservation message. We touched upon the various way golf courses are bad for the environment, but agreed it was a good thing that we are using the space year round in this cold New England climate. A big thanks to the staff at Weston Ski Track for all their help in facilitating such a fun winter outing!

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