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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Tripoli Road Camping, NH

(6/18/19 – 6/20/19)

Mathew Apeseche (Trip Leader), Melissa Novakoff (Seaport Staff), Mike Townshend (Seaport Staff)

Tuesday Morning we loaded up one twelve-passenger van with five Seaport students, three staff, and ample camping supplies. It was a tight squeeze, but the students didn’t complain. On the way up we listened to a mixture of 60s rock, and 80s pop. Around 12:00 we found our campsite at Tripoli road. It was amazing. A large cleared out wooded space, several hundred feet off a dirt road, right on river bend. The kids were giddy with excitement. We spent the next several hours hanging out, setting up tents, gathering firewood, and building up a hot bed of coals of our supper. The gnats were out in full force, but luckily we had bug nets.

That night we roasted burgers, dogs, and veggies on the fire. The clouds rolled out and we enjoyed a starry sky as the fire burned low. Back in our tents the white noise of the river put us to sleep.

The next morning the students decided to pool together some reward money they earned at school to go out to breakfast at Polly’s Pancake Parlor in Franconia. Everyone put down at least 2,000 calories of syrupy goodness, and we headed over the Lower Falls on the Kancamagas Highway. The drive was beautiful, and we had to make a few pit stops on the highway for pictures and hanging out.

Lower Falls was relatively quiet due to our midweek visit, and the water was frigid. That didn’t stop all the students from jumping in and floating down the natural rockslides. It was a chill and relaxing afternoon out in the sun on the rocks. After a few hours we ate a little lunch and headed back to camp.

That night it was fire time, with grilled chicken and asparagus, topped off with a side of s’mores. Thursday morning the students got up on their own and helped pack up. The teamwork and camaraderie on this trip was incredible. As soon as we got in the car it began to pour, and it rained all the way back to Boston. The pounding droplets with a hint of death metal guided us home to school.

Thanks Sierra Club for another amazing trip!!!