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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

March 10, 2013 - New England Aquarium with Zumix

The Boston Sierra Club ICO's trip to the Boston Aquarium on March 10, 2013 was quite a splash!

Despite the clocks' best attempt to spring ahead and make people late, all but a couple of us made it to Zumix on time. While we waited for the handful of people whose phones had failed them, we played everyone's favorite game (categories) and tried to learn each other's names. Not too behind schedule, fourteen kids, Zumix staff members Dan and Mike, ICO leader Laura, and volunteers Emily and Susie (myself) headed off to the Maverick T stop to travel to the aquarium.

Once there, we broke up into two groups. Even though the aquarium is undergoing quite the makeover there was still so much to see and do. Everyone wanted to start at the ray and shark touch tank where, you guessed it, we could all touch rays and sharks! We then moved on to look at the various tank exhibits around the aquarium which had everything from tropical fish to piranhas and even an octopus!

Before breaking for lunch, we braved the elements to watch the fur seal/sea lion exhibit. We were able to see a trainer make fur seals do a bunch of tricks including spinning in a circle, waving hello, breaching out of the water, and even sing!

For lunch we feasted on sandwiches, fruit, carrots, and granola bars - a hit with (almost) all of the kids. In case anyone was wondering, the aquarium does have fish and chips as well as clam chowder available for purchase too...

After lunch, we had about an hour left to explore any remaining exhibits, check out a live animal demonstration (a turtle named Skid and a nameless lobster), and one last visit to the touch tank. The day ended with a walk through the gift shop and then a closer where everyone said what their favorite part of the day was. We then hopped back on the T and headed back to Zumix.


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