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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

May 21, 2016 - Kayaking with Upward Bound

On May 21st, BICO leaders Allison and Cassie and Upward Bound staffers Lynn and Jen took 19 high school students (18 young ladies and 1 patient young man) on a kayaking trip from Nahanton Park. This was the first trip with this new organization, which partners with students for summer and after school college prep programming.

Cassie met up with the Upward Bound (UB) crew at their space on the Boston University campus for introductions and a few bananas before the UB students and staff members boarded their bus and took the easy 30 minute drive out of the city to Nahanton Park in Newton, where they were met by Cassie and Allison. After another round of introductions, a brief safety chat, paddling lesson, and gear outfitting, we were ready to hit the water!

It was a perfect early summer day for kayaking with a pleasant sunshine and breeze on the water. We paired off in two-person kayaks and set down the river for our 1.5 hour session. A few of the groups had a difficult time steering to start but after we righted their paddles, they got the hang of it! The wild life was a little more hidden than pervious ICO trips from Nahanton Park but there were plenty of birds, including a heron taking flight and a very small, camouflaged turtle.

Back on land, Cassie and Lynn set up the turkey and ham sandwich bar and fruit, pretzel, cooking snack options. Alison played a game with the group and made them earn their lunch ticket by each saying something that they learned, enjoyed, or were surprised about by their kayaking experience. Upward Bound participants were a very thoughtful and appreciative bunch! The girls and boy reported having a great time and will brainstorm future trip ideas over the summer.

We're excited to partner with Upward Bound for 2-3 trips per year! 

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