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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

May 4, 2013 - Drumlin Farm trip with St. Peters

We had a fantastic time at Drumlin Farm last weekend! The group was comprised of 9 children from St. Peter's, Christine (St. Peter's staff), 2 co-leaders (Breezy and Jeff) and 3 volunteers (Tom, Zack, and Lauren). The bulk of the day was consumed by a self-guided tour of the farm and grounds. We stopped by one of the barns to learn how the horses are groomed and cared for, and the kids got to touch and feel horse hair. There was a neat interactive exhibit to test if you were "stronger than a horse," which the kids really enjoyed! We also learned how sheep wool is spun into yarn, and several of the girls took home a piece of homespun yarn.

We saw many farm animals throughout the day. Most memorable were a hefty sow with absolutely adorable baby piglets, baby and momma goats, sheep, and of course, chickens.

After exploring the farm, we enjoyed a picnic lunch and the kids had a fun time cooling off by dousing each other in water. We went on a short hike on the Discovery Trail, where we uncovered three treasure boxes containing a feather, a pine cone, and an interestingly-shaped rock. Then, we broke up into small groups to build forts and mouse houses out of the various sticks in the forest area next to the farm.

Finally, we went on a hayride around the farm, something the kids had been waiting all day to do. Even though the ride was brief, it was a wonderful way to cap off one of the first few beautiful days of Spring! Thanks again to Christine at St Peters. She is truly a wonderful leader whom the kids adore!

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