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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Mt. Cardigan Camping

Seaport Academy (10/14-10/17)

Mat Apeseche, Melissa Novakoff (agency staff)

We embarked on a sunny Monday morning, loaded up on Dunkin Donuts and snacks. Two hours out of Boston and we arrived at Mt. Cardigan AMC lodge in the rain. Despite the wetness and cold our crew of three students sucked it up and set up tarps and shelter. It was cold to the bone, and the leaders decided to use some school funds to go into town for dinner.

We dried out in a Chinese restaurant amidst some excellent conversation concerning race, gender, and politics. The heavy conversation continued into the late evening at the AMC Cardigan lodge, until finally we convinced the students to start a fire in the heavy rain just for the heck of it. After 30 minutes we had a hot embers, and the kids cooked up burgers and dogs in the pouring rain. They called themselves the Soggy Spatula Restaurant :)

Overnight it dropped down into the low 30’s. I thought there would be a mutiny, and I was amazed that the kids still wanted to hike up to the high mountain lodge. Breakfast was quick, and we hit the trail soon after packing up our gear. The trail was gorgeous. We witnessed autumn leaves, brooks and bridges, a waterfall, and of course bald-faced Cardigan peak. Thirty mile per hour winds rocked us at the summit as the sun was setting…one of the most epic fall sunsets I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

After getting a fire going in the high mountain cabin it was hot enough to sleep without a bag. The kids were snoring by 10:00, which was good because 7:45AM we were up and out. A light drizzle began on the way down so we descended quickly. On the car ride home we talked about the trip as a whole and discussed the values of perseverance, endurance, and giving life your best shot. I was truly amazed to see the transformation in these kids through this experience and how they have continued to carry it with them in school these past two weeks. Thank you ICO!