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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

October 29, 2011 - Lynn Woods with St. Peter's Teen Center

We had a wonderful day at Lynn Woods on Saturday, October 29th. Armed with snacks, ponchos and backpacks our group of eight youth and seven volunteers took to the trail for a day of mapping, plant recognition, treasure hunting and even some rain dancing.

Bundled up on the chilly morning, our energetic group hit the trail. Learning to identify quadrants and trail markers, a few of the teens quickly developed into bona fide trail leaders. Our first goal was to reach Dungeon Rock, so we hiked along the autumn-tinged trail stopping every now and then to wonder: how did this giant boulder get here and why does that plant have three different leaf patterns? In no time, the kids were spotting distinctive sassafras and determining the age of white pine trees.

After a short uphill battle, we made it to Dungeon Rock where legend has it that pirate Thomas Veal lived with his stolen treasure. Using our headlamps, we carefully descended into the dark abyss with the hopes of finding some buried treasure of our own. Water slowly dripped from the cave walls and a small bat observed us from his perch. We dared to step into complete darkness as we all turned off our lights. One person swears she felt a ghost! Emerging with some treasure of lollipops and candies, some people conquered their fear of the dark and were ready to tackle the next challenge. After a much deserved lunch break at Steele Tower where we observed the beautiful Boston cityscape, we then made our way to Stone Tower, the highest point in Lynn, MA.

Making it back in time to avoid most of the rain and concluding with a fun game of Where the Wind Blows, we all shared how we felt after the day. Invigorated, grateful, proud, excited and cold…just to name a few!

Click here to see trip photo album

It was a great day with an adventurous group of teens and volunteers. A special thank you to the “A” team: Rucker “Alex”, Allison, Andrea, Anne, Allan and Danny.


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